Try And Avoid Great Expectations When Dating

Sometimes when people start dating, they get involved in what I like to call great expectations dating. And this has nothing to do with any literary masterpieces by Charles Dickens. Great expectations dating is when you make an attempt to date out of your league or you believe that in dating out of your league you are getting someone that is right for you. When someone is out of your league it has nothing to do with looks and has nothing to do with necessarily better or worse quality people. It has to do with people that are just so different that it isn’t going to work. The nerdy scientist with the bad acne dating the supermodel is great expectations dating because they are both out of each other’s league. But every once in a while you need to engage in great expectations dating to really appreciate what it means to find your match.

A really good example of great expectations dating is found every day on dating websites or with standard dating services. People that really do not know what they want are throwing out ideas of what they think they want others to hear. The rough and tough construction worker may not mix well with the soft spoken type but he thinks that is what he wants and he is engaging in great expectations dating because there is a really good chance that it just isn’t going to work. The busy and successful businessman probably won’t mix well with the alcoholic female NASCAR fan even though that may be what he thinks he wants. It goes along with the old saying that says you have to test drive a lot of cars before you find the one you want.

Not All Bad

Sometimes great expectations dating can bring about perfect matches that you would never expect. The quiet little optometrist who winds up dating his well endowed female secretary may hit it off great and find themselves happy together for years to come. That is why everyone should try more than their fair share of great expectations dating because you just never know. You may find that curvy model looking female that can talk quantum physics with you and finds that snorting noise you make when you laugh really attractive. You won’t know until you try.

It is things like great expectations dating that keep people out there looking for that special someone because how can you know what that special someone is supposed to be like until you have dated a few not-so-special-someones?

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